A performance they will remember for years


Disruptive concepts. Unique stories. Guaranteed impact.

More than a decade of onstage experience. Happy attendees and memorable events.

922 epic presentations

Since January 2015, he has delivered 665 in-person and 257 virtual presentations (as of May 2024). He has interacted with all kinds of audiences, in both traditional and the most unusual places. He has experienced the divine and the human, which is why he knows every detail of the production and is prepared for any contingency. His conferences are a carefully planned sequence of experiences

420 happy corporations

Organizations from all sectors have entrusted him with their greatest assets: employees and clients. There is nothing more dangerous than sending the wrong message, which is why he obsesses over aligning the speech beforehand and crafting every detail. People remember the experience for years, not just because it’s different but because it is the right message. (List of clients by country).

18 countries (in person)

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, United States of America, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, have all witnessed his magic. Additionally, virtually in three countries: Brazil, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

Closing keynoter in worldwide event

David will be the closing keynoter at the Global Speakers Summit in Bali, Indonesia, in September 2024. Be different or be gone will be the keynote he will deliver for an audience composed of speakers from five continents. This is one of the most important recognitions in history for a Latin American speaker.

David in action...

Some of our clients

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Two main topics based on his vast experience and books

(1) Stop Competing on Price

How to sell value instead of price.

Stop Competing on Price: Tools that empower salespeople to defend the value of their product vigorously. A process to build powerful differentiators and support the price in highly competitive markets.

(2) It's the Small Things

Gain customer loyalty through exceptional service.

It’s the Small Things: Placing the customer at the center means that every area of the organization is responsible for the customer’s experience, through action or inaction. Tools for creating memorable experiences.

An entertaining and unique way to deliver key messages

Powerful concepts

His books have influenced hundreds of thousands of Hispanic entrepreneurs around the world. The most recognized one is Stop Competing on Price which teaches the art of value selling, followed by It’s the Small Things, an icon of customer service, Happily Ever After, Immortal Businesses, and Yellow, among others.

Onstage performance

More important than the concepts (which is, of course, the essence) is the performance. David understands that the audience needs to buy the ideas. With his personally documented stories from around the world and his acting training, he transforms the everyday into a colloquial, close, and meaningful experience.

Ready-to-use tools

“Next Monday, no one remembers,” is a common thought. That’s not the case with David. Not only do they remember the impactful experience, but they also take away tools for immediate use. Physical or digital materials, along with online resources, will allow them to implement the concepts literally the next day.

Main audiences

Sales teams

Whether they are your own salespeople or those of your partners, he consistently helps them perceive a new reality and harness the potential of differentiation and experience creation.

Our customers' customers

David is the “key note” at events with distributors, partners, allies, franchisees, representatives, wholesalers, or agents of various businesses.

Business events

Conventions, summits, symposiums, awards ceremonies, new product launches, association gatherings, industry meetings, company kick-offs, quarterly reviews, and update events.


"David Gomez's conferences captivate you in a wonderful way. Besides being extremely enjoyable, they provide you with invaluable concepts and tools of proven effectiveness. His unique way of sharing his knowledge makes you adopt them never to forget, and even better, know how to put them into practice. As a professional in the world of events for over 25 years, and after having hired more than a dozen speakers, I can affirm that David is unique in his style and highly recommended. Only his simplicity and human quality surpass his professionalism."
Ana Teresa Arriaga VUMI
VUMI (VIP Universal Medical Insurance)
Thank you David! A great coaching session! You have summarised in 90 exciting minutes the key learnings of my 40 years of sales in a very clear, realistic and practical way! Eleven out of ten!
Emilio Capelli Newell Rubbermaid
Newell Brands (Rubbermaid)
"Our experience with David Gomez has been exceptional from the very first contact. His prompt attention and constant follow-up made us feel like business partners rather than just clients. The flexibility and openness shown by his team allowed us to establish a solid relationship. Moreover, their dynamic and creative approach during interactions made us feel valued and understood. In summary, we are very satisfied with the experience provided by Bien Pensado and look forward to continuing to work together in the future."
Thania Núñez Scania
Scania Mexico

David in the media

About David Gomez

After spending 15 years in the corporate world, in 2009, he made the decision to pursue his true calling: assisting businesses in setting themselves apart. He recognizes that price isn’t the sole determining factor, and that valuable customers can be lost due to inadequate service. He has dedicated his life’s work to researching, documenting, and sharing effective business strategies from across the globe.

Staying true to his mission, David is a bestselling author of seven books in Spanish, with some of them translated into English. He has authored over 1900 articles and since 2010 provides weekly tips to more than 60 thousand subscribers through his newsletter.

Since 2015, he has served as a Sales and Marketing trainer for Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America with the American NGO, Vital Voices. Certified Consultant from Duct Tape Marketing in the United States. Member of the National Speakers Association in the US, the Virtual Speakers Association International, and the Professional Speakers Association Spain in Europe. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, is a Consumer Behavior Specialist, and has earned an MBA. He was born in Colombia in 1970 and is married with two children.

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